The framed formwork ALPHA Alu is a complete shuttering system of great efficiency with reliable and safe components, which can fulfill the needs of every project, no matter how difficult.

The panels ALPHA Alu are constructed from special aluminum profile, and due to their section, they can stand high hydrostatic pressure until the height of 2,70m (60 KN/m2).

In every building site, we can quickly adjust the formwork in any form of shuttering (big walls, columns, circular walls or foundations).

The formworks ALPHA Alu are supplemented with special constructions, such as internal corners 90ο stable or 20ο -170ο adjustable, external corners and length complements.

With these shuttering systems, any possible occurring problem can have a proved, proper, fast and inexpensive solution, making the project easier and faster.

The formwork ALPHA Alu is accompanied by support systems and safety equipment, essential for fast and safe shuttering or concreting work.

PANEL DIMENSIONAL RANGE: 20cm- 25cm- 30cm- 35cm- 40cm- 45cm- 50cm- 60cm- 75cm- 80cm- 90cm

HIGHT OF PANE: 1.20m – 1.50m – 1.70m

The ALPHA Alu panels can stand 60Kn/m2 concrete hydrostatic pressure up to concreting height 2,70m. In extensions higher than 2,70m the fresh concrete pressure should not exceed 40Kn/m2 all over the surface of the framework.