Technical characteristics

  • Frames dimensioned 1.44m x 2.00m & 1.44m x 1.00m, 0.85m x 2.00m & 0.85m x 1.00m
  • Welded frame for high tolerance
  • The working deck can be applied to different heights, due to parallel horizontal deck support per 30cm
  • Frames with striped surface for better hold
  • Deck made of aluminium and antislip birch plywood dimensioned 3.16m x 0.60m & 2.50m x 0.60m
  • Wheels Ø20 with braces on rotation and rolling.


  • Easy to transfer
  • Easy to place – store
  • Low weightless physical effort
  • Allows big volume constructions in places with small load tolerance (worn concrete plates, special decks, thin surfaces)
  • Low material corrosion
  • Convenience in suspension constructions


  • Building maintenance
  • Paint works, wallboards placement, works on roofs, arbors, electrical works
  • Playing fields, gyms
  • Cleaning
  • Gas stations
  • Train maintenance
  • Marine supplies
  • Food & Energy industries
  • Aeronautics
  • Events part by part
  • Different stands
  • Transfer trolley

Spare Parts